Breast Augmentation Hialeah, FL – Breast Implants in Hialeah, Florida

Breast enhancement (augmentation mammaplasty), also commonly called “breast implants” is a cosmetic surgery procedure that has been performed in the USA since the 1980s. Today, a growing number of women are making the choice to change the contour and size of their breasts with saline or silicone implants . Why Do Women Seek Breast enhancement? Women look to breast implants to boost their appearance in ways that help improve their self esteem or make them feel less self-conscious. Here are some customary cosmetic concerns female customers are often looking to improve: Breasts that have failed to develop to the chosen cup size after puberty A bottom heavy figure that can be balanced out and made more hourglass shaped with a larger bust Breasts that are pointy, flat or otherwise shaped in a way the patient does not desire Lost tissue volume after weight reduction or pregnancy/breastfeeding Lack of firmness as a result of body changes such as aging Breasts that are not actually

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